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Do you know that perhaps the most important home improvement providing the greatest return on your investment is landscaping?  According to recent studies by the University of Florida and Clemson University, sprucing up your yard can - and does - increase your home's resale value and makes your home sell faster, by up to five to six weeks.  Smart Money discovered in 2003 that a mere 5% of a home's value spent on landscaping can reap as much as 150% in increased value, and that consumers value a landscaped home as much as 11.3% higher than a comparable one without.  While kitchen remodeling can bring 75-125% recovery of monies invested, landscaping can bring a recovery after-sale value of 100-200%.  Of course, you should never landscape in anticipation of getting a maximized return on investment; landscape because it will make your home that much more attractive and appealing for you and your family.

Why S & S Complete Landscaping Services?

S & S Complete Landscaping has been providing landscaping services since its inception in 1989.  Our experts can assist you in developing and implementing the best landscaping plan while maximizing available lawn space and highlighting those show points of your yard - pool, waterfall or other habitat such as a cabana or gazebo.  S & S Complete Landscaping will work with you each and every step of the way, from design, to flora selection and acquisition, through to planting.  With our complete services, we can grade, install irrigation systems, sod, develop flower beds, position trees and shrubs, whatever your landscaping desires.